Homemade Remedies for Scabies

homemade remedies for scabiesScabies is a skin disease that have red rash with bumps and blister and this situation is not good for the sufferer because it shows that there is microorganism present generally known as mite.  The main cause of scabies is the existence of mite and it is mostly spread by the direct contact. If someone is having the same problem and the other person is very close, he may also suffer from the scabies. Homemade remedies for scabies are very effective in this way therefore most of the patients prefer homemade treatment. The homemade cure is inexpensive and eliminates the signs and symptoms well without taking any medicines that have side effects too. 

Several homemade remedies for scabies are present to help you and they minimize the affects like the use of surgical tape over the affected area and leave it overnight. It will reduce the number of mites from the area that is helpful in the elimination of the mites.  Hot water is a best remedy, if you wash affected area several times in a day with hot water that is easily bearable by you and it will decrease the number of mites from there. If you are feeling itching use an antihistamine like Benadryl, a compulsory step which you have to take in case you are suffering from scabies is that daily change your dress and bed sheets and wash in hot water in this way the mites present in your clothing will be finish easily. The medical practitioner recommends that wash your daily use items with hot water like brushes and any jewelry that is in your use.



Citrus products in all forms either in food or medication form is very helpful and work positively for the noticeable reduction in the presence of mites.  Orange juice and all types of citrus fruit juices are one of the best homemade remedies for scabies, drink it and apply on the affected area and it will act as a best agent. Take small amount of tea tree oil and apply over the humps and blisters of scabies for the whole night then take bath with warm water and add some drops of this oil in water and take bath two or three times in a day. Doctors say that the most important factor that is closely related with the homemade remedies for scabies is the cleaning that is most important factor which plays main role in the problem of scabies. Proper cleaning of body and home is necessary to keep away from all type of skin problem such as scabies that is an infectious skin condition causes itching and pain.

how to treat scabies naturallyUse of petroleum and sulfur has been proved as best homemade remedies for scabies and you are directed to combine petroleum jelly and sulfur together and apply over the affected area. Repeat this cure till three days and you will notice a drastic change in the symptoms of this trouble. If you will apply these simple home remedies, you can easily get rid of this skin problem gradually these treatment are neither difficult to do nor requires money expense. The main feature of this cure is that you do not have any fear of any after affects when you start.

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